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Gleim vs Wiley

I am a student and desperately wanted to excel in the field of Accounting. I wanted to progress my career in becoming a CMA. For this purpose, I have been doing immense research in order to find out which publisher offers the finest and up-to-date exam preparation material for Certified Management Accountant (CMA) certification. I have meticulously analyzed and will present the pros and cons of each publisher in order for you to decide what suitable elements of each you desire and what you want to pick for your career-changing certification.

There are many publishers out there and choosing the right one for you can be an exhausting and difficult task but I hope my blog will help you in order to decide what is best for you to ace this financial certification. The two most significant and renowned publishers for Certified Management Accountant (CMA) are Gleim and Wiley. Give this blog a read for an honest review of both as it provides you an insight on two of the biggest publishers for the CMA certification in the industry.

What is CMA?

Certified Management Accountant (CMA) is a professional certification for the field of management and financial accounting. It is used as a global benchmark for professionals who seek to lead the field of management and financial accounting. The certification demonstrates that a person has acquired significant knowledge in the areas of financial planning, inspection, control and decision-making. It is designed to enhance the knowledge and proficiencies of management and financial accountants to assist them in performing well in their fields.

Gleim vs Wiley in Terms of Accuracy

In Wiley’s exam practice materials, there were some inaccuracies in either the questions or the answers. Some mistakes were found in them after solving 50-60 multiple choice questions and this was not very convenient and convincing.

In contrast, Gleim may also have inaccuracies but the rate was much less as compared to Wiley. This way you can just focus on your preparation and not worry about the inaccuracies that might be a part of the course.

Gleim vs Wiley in terms of Multiple Choice Questions and Essay Materials 

Gleim has the answer explanations to all the questions in the practice books and the reasoning why a question is answered in a certain way is very logical and convincing. It also tells why the other options are wrong and what fault is in them for enhanced understanding.

On the other hand, Wiley has the answer explanations to the questions but it does not tell precisely why the other options are wrong and just explains the right answers in their books.

CMA Exam Preparation Comparison of Gleim and Wiley

$720 (with discount coupon) $1800
Largest Test Bank Small and Comprehensive Study Guides
Expert Assistance and Personalised Counsellors PDF Textbooks
Access Until You Pass Guarantee Personalised Study Plans
Intuitive Study Planner Comprehensive Video Instructions
Best Customer Service Online Support From Experts
Over 4,500 Questions Included in the Test Bank Over 5,500 Questions Included in the Test Bank
130+ Unique Scenarios in Essay Tests 16 Unique Scenarios in Essay Tests


Gleim CMA Review

Candidates rely on Gleim greatly to ace their CMA exam. Their truly adaptive technology and personalised materials take your stress of studying and provide you with amazing questions and meticulously designed CMA exam material that helps you pass the exam. Their CMA guides and course packs have large question banks and most popular information you require for the exam.

Gleim has the largest test bank in the publishing industry and thus it sets them apart from others. Their multiple choice questions and test materials make you cover the most and give your best in the exam.

It also offers personalized counsellors to help you manage your study progress and stay on the right track to pass the CMA exam. They can help you plan your timetables, design your study schedule and keep you on the track.

Wiley CMA Review

Wiley also produces great CMA exam course preparation and practice materials. It is widely known for designing the study guides that are comprehensive and as well as designed to be learnt faster and help to retain focus.

Their bite-sized short lessons are very easy to study as they are designed in a way that demonstrates convenience. They include 10-15 minute lectures, flash cards and notes that prove to be extremely useful and manifest smart learning.

One of the most significant parts of choosing Wiley for your CMA preparation is the unlimited access it grants which never expires and candidates can have unlimited access to all its practice materials and guides until you pass the examination.

Who Wins? Final Recommendation

In terms of affordability, Gleim stands out as Wiley has not discounted their courses as of yet and CMA is already very expensive so Gleim steals the show here.

In my recommendation and careful analysis, Gleim wins the crown while taking into account all the necessary and relevant factors. It also has helped pass more of CMA candidates as compared to the other publishers in the industry

It has a more adaptable framework will very good answer explanations and guide books that can help you in enhanced understanding of the course and the features and quality offered by Gleim is of much higher value than others!

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