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Why Gleim CMA?

More accountants rely on Gleim to pass the CMA exam! Almost 40 years ago, Gleim set the standard for Certified Management Accountant exam review. As an industry leader and IMA Strategic Partner, we strive to help candidates pass quickly and confidently, and today we continue to develop effective and innovative study solutions.

The Most Comprehensive Coverage

We cover 100% of the ICMA’s Content Specification Outlines (CSOs) and Learning Outcome Statements (LOSs).

  • Gleim SmartAdapt™ technology provides you with personalized guidance.
  • We offer the best bank of exam-quality multiple-choice and essay questions.
  • Expert-led Gleim Instruct videos cover the toughest topics and walk you through examples.

Exceptional and Dependable Candidate Support

  • Access Until You Pass® Guarantee
    Keeps your study materials up-to-date until you pass.
  • Personal Counselors
    Help you to create a study plan and stay on track.
  • Accounting Experts
    Are ready to answer all your questions about the study materials.

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